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These are very widely used in characterizing the material. Various phases in an alloy system are quantified and the extents of their presence are correlated to the properties like strength, corrosion resistance, stability of the material, etc. The micro structure reveals the grain structure whether as cast, wrought, heat treated or subjected to any special treatment such as carburizing, hardening etc.

This also reveals the presence of carbides particularly Chromium carbide which is a matter of concern in high chromium, nickel alloys.

Tests under Micro Scope:

  • Micro Examination with Photographs
  • Micro Examination for Welded Pipes
  • Macro Examination for Forgings, Mock-ups, Fillet Weld, Grain Flow
  • Macro Examination for Pipes
  • Weld Penetration Test with measurements and photographs
  • SEM Test
  • Grain Stabilizing Test
  • Carbide Morphology
  • Porosity by Microscopic Method